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My experience is closely tied to my profession. I am a MSC in nutrition, educated at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. My journey began as a Nutrition consultant at Orlando Polyclinic, and after as a Market Nutritionist and 60/40+ Manager at Nestle Adriatic for a few years. After interesting and profound experience at Nestlé Adriatic, career took a turn as I was taking a role of again, a Nutrition consultant as a Head of Centre for Food Culture at Biotechnicon Ltd. Shortly I had a call to emphasize the role of Clinical dietitian at University Hospital Center Zagreb witch I accepted. After a year working at University Hospital Center Zagreb in a field of kidney transplantation, dialysis and pulmonary diseases, I also wrote a book about dialysis and a booklet about sport nutrition. After a year, I set a goal to make my own company and start to build my own dreams. With the help of family, friends and Impact HUB Zagreb, I started a company named Sparkle Ltd, where I began developing Nutrition consulting business and a project called Healthy Meal Standard. Now I am actively involved in Nutrition consulting and Healthy Meal Standard, making more clients happy and expanding my team.
Currently I am in Implementation of the Healthy Meal Standard in the largest Hotel House in Croatia and working on my PhD degree in Nutrition science.


Sparkle Ltd was founded in July 2015, with a main goal to be a company for business consulting in field of food, nutrition and IT.
Today, we are a unique fusion of expert knowledge, passion and teamwork in the field of consulting, developing new food products, nutrition consulting and developing new IT applications in the field of nutrition and food science. Positive approach to developing new and simple solutions led us to be recognizable consulting company in short period of time, having the opportunity to work the largest companies in Croatian food industry.
We believe that hard team work with positive motivation brings constant recognizable results and keeps us in the loop.
Our goal is to continue to maintain the spark from the beginning, an use it in all of our projects.

There is a spark within you. Use it.

To become a leading consulting company in the field of nutrition and IT food solutions in Adriatic Region
To constantly develop socially responsible projects in field of nutrition, IT and food science
To expand Healthy Meal Standard in Croatia and Europe in tourism, education and nursing facilities and naval industry
We strongly believe and thus strive, to incorporate ecological sustainability, gender equality, with moral and ethics standards in business

Delivering innovative and cutting edge information about nutrition and food science
Delivering projects in responsible advertising, education in the field of nutrition and food science
Delivering new IT solutions in field of nutrition and food science
Working closely with food and tourism industry to make measurable effects
Meeting customer requirements through socially responsible projects

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